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Legends of the LPGA

Yvonne Cox-Holmes


Growing up in West Virginia, Yvonne honed her skills playing on the local municipal par-3 golf course. She started playing golf at 15 having tested a competitive spirit, challenging the boys on the street in any sport they played, proving that girls were as good or better. She credits her spirit and character to the role models in her life, especially Dana Rader who provided the tough love that changed the course of her golf game and her life. Julie Cole provided the balance that rounded Yvonne’s game. Yvonne spent a long break from golf, yet the passion burned strong, and she is re-entering the game. Outside of golf, she enjoys spending time with friends, playing and watching all sports, discussing random topics around a campfire, walks with her dog Marley, and digging her toes in the sand. Yvonne played on the Futures tour from 2001-2005 and competed in the 2004 US Women’s Open.

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