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Amy Alcott brings the fun in an unforgettable Throwback Thursday

LPGA and World Golf Hall of Famer Amy Alcott has one of the most storied careers in the history of the game - from being the first to leap into Poppie's Pond to celebrate her major win at "the Dinah" to assisting with the design of the Olympic Golf Course in Rio for the return of golf to the 2016 Olympics.

Throughout her 30+ years as an LPG Tour professional, Alcott teed it up with literally hundreds of celebrities, but she only shopped for cheese with one - Tina Turner. Hear these stories and more in this riveting interview hosted by 11-time LPGA Tour champion Jane Geddes. Even Geddes, who routinely traveled and played with Alcott back in the day, is surprised by what comes out of this unforgettable sit down with one of the greatest names in women's golf!

Throwback Thursdays are LIVE every Thursday at 4pm ET on The Legends Tour Facebook page.

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