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Amy Alcott to appear on Facebook LIVE this week with Jane Geddes

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

LPGA and World Golf Hall of Famer Amy Alcott will sit down with Legends Tour CEO and host Jane Geddes on this week's edition of Throwback Thursdays. Head to The Legends Tour Facebook at 4pm ET Thursday July 16!

Amy Alcott, a 29-time LPGA Tour champion with five major championship titles, started playing the golf at age seven on her Santa Monica, California front yard putting into soup cans and sprinkler heads. She was taught the game indoors hitting balls into a driving net by her mentor and teaching pro, Walter Keller – her words upon meeting Mr. Keller for the first time, “I want to prepare to be the best golfer in the world.” Amy has traveled worldwide to compete in tournament golf, perform in corporate golf events and clinics. Armed with astute observations and innumerable stories about the game and its personalities made her transition to TV commentator, speaker and writer a natural process. Her most recent book is The Leaderboard: Conversations on Golf and Life, with a foreword by Jim Nantz. Learn more at

Throwback Thursday interviews hosted by Jane Geddes feature a brief check-in with the Legends guest and pose a "Back 9" of burning questions that inspire responses you may have never heard before... and likely never will again! Watch as Jane takes over The Legends Tour Facebook page LIVE and manages to connect in a split screen format with one of your favorite LPGA Legends every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 PM ET.


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