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Charlotta Sorenstam Stays Competitive Through Teaching at IMG Academy and Legends Tour

If there’s one common trend at the LPGA Senior Championship, it’s that a lot of talented golfers have found a way to stay in the game while also giving back to it. Charlotta Sorenstam is one of those players who is coaching the next generation of stars at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla.


However, Sorenstam has a change of scenery this week at the LPGA Senior Championship, returning to her competitive roots and teeing it up at Copper Rock Golf Course. Proving that the life of a professional golfer is never easy, the Swede had to think quickly when she opened her golf bag after her flight and found her driver broken.


“I've traveled, I don't know how many years, and I fall for the trick of not taking the head off, even though I had a protector on there,” Sorenstam said of the early week struggle. “But luckily, I got hold of the Callaway rep who sent one, and I got one delivered.


“I didn't get the mojo in the morning yesterday, so it was a little stressful. But finally, when I knew one was coming, I started looking at the views and looking at the golf course and started to relax a little bit.”


The competition and reminder of who you were – and often still are – is what Sorenstam says keeps her competing on the Legends Tour in her early 50s. But the players who she currently coaches also drive that passion to continue playing. And while she’s not playing full-time professional golf anymore, Sorenstam knows that being at her best helps her students be at theirs.


“I guess a competitor never dies,” said Sorenstam. “If you still can do it, you want to feel that feeling inside of excitement and nervousness a little bit. And to be out of control a little bit, or in control, it depends on how you play. But where I work is a different kind of environment. I have to perform even though I'm not scoring. I have to make sure that I bring the best out of them.


“And hearing that, it reminds you of who you were. I think all of us that are here now, we still want to be that person. We still are that person we were, even though we have other jobs and other duties. It's just nice to play a little bit. The bonus is to play well, of course, and I think all of us want to play well. But only one winner will walk out of here.”


Back in Bradenton, Sorenstam works hard to instill her wisdom on countless middle schoolers and high schoolers in the IMG Academy Golf Program. While most others would shy away from that age group, the former LPGA Tour player embraces it and challenges herself to impact their lives both on and off the golf course.


“Our job is to not only make them better (golfers), but better people and understand why and what and how they're doing so they become more their own coach,” said Sorenstam. “It's more than just technique. It's the mental part. We need to have them grow as mature players out there, and I think that's the beauty.”


Sorenstam teed off on the 10th hole at Copper Rock Golf Course at 9:40 a.m. local time on Thursday. Fans can follow live scoring at


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