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Christa Johnson, Legends Founders inducted into Legends Hall of Fame

Huge congratulations to Christa Johnson, a nine-time LPGA Tour winner and a four-time winner of the Legends of the LPGA, and the 25 co-founders of the association that has become the Legends of the LPGA, are the newest members of the Legends Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony was held in conjunction with this week’s Senior LPGA Championship at French Lick Resort in French Lick, Indiana. The resort houses a permanent Legends Hall of Fame exhibit.

2021 Inductees

-- Christa Johnson

-- 25 co-founding members of the association that has become the Legends of the LPGA:

  1. Janet Anderson

  2. Jane Blalock

  3. Mary Bryan

  4. Donna Caponi

  5. JoAnne Carner

  6. Jane Crafter

  7. Judy Dickinson

  8. Dale Eggeling

  9. Marta Figueras-Dotti

  10. Shelley Hamlin

  11. Mary Bea Porter King

  12. Sally Little

  13. Nancy Lopez

  14. Susie McAllister

  15. Anne Marie Palli

  16. Sandra Palmer

  17. Sandra Post

  18. Kathy Postlewait

  19. Lenore Rittenhouse

  20. Alice Ritzman

  21. Patty Sheehan

  22. Hollis Stacy

  23. Jan Stephenson

  24. Sherri Turner

  25. Colleen Walker

For more on the Legends of the LPGA, click here.


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