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Jan Stephenson mixes cocktails, tells it like it is on Facebook LIVE

Jan Stephenson, once the face of the LPGA unafraid to flaunt her sex appeal, doesn't hold back in this week's episode of Throwback Thursdays with host Jane Geddes.

Take a tour of her golf course clubhouse showcasing many of her accolades and accomplishments and follow her back to the bar where she mixes up cocktails featuring her Jan Stephenson line of rums. Drink in hand and seated in at a table in her "Patriot's Bar & Grill" golf club dining area, Stephenson opens up about playing on the LPGA, the pressures of marketing a women's Tour back in the day, winning majors with her Dad on the bag and one event where her Mom actually caddied, and much more as Geddes once again finds a way to draw out those never-before-shared memories from one of the game's greatest. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday interviews hosted by host Jane Geddes feature a brief check-in with the Legends guest and pose a "Back 9" of burning questions that inspire responses you may have never heard before... and likely never will again! Watch as Jane takes over The Legends Tour Facebook page LIVE and manages to connect in a split screen format with one of your favorite LPGA Legends every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 PM EST.

Next Week: Rosie Jones


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