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Late bloomer Lorie Kane talks life on Tour, progress of LPGA...and pond hockey

Canadian Hall of Famer Lorie Kane, a 4-time LPGA Tour champion with four wins on The Legends Tour, opens up about the progress of women's golf and the LPGA Tour, being inspired by the tour's Founders, Mike Whan's leadership, what young players need to do today to succeed, the importance of college golf and her personal success as a late bloomer when she made the LPGA Tour at age 30 in 1996. Kane is 37th on the LPGA career earnings list (top 2%).

Kane and host Jane Geddes, an 11-time LPGA Tour champion, also share plenty of laughs about playing "pond hockey," the challenging first hole at St. Andres Old Course and walking the fairways with JoAnne Carner. Watch now and enjoy this informative, entertaining and inspiring discussion between two of the game's favorite LPGA Legends.

Throwback Thursdays are LIVE on select Thursdays at 4pm ET on The Legends Tour Facebook page.


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