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Leta Lindley pulls ahead during the final day to win the Legends of the LPGA Cove Cay Invitational

Updated: May 1

The Legends of the LPGA Cove Cay Invitational wrapped on Tuesday in Clearwater, Florida, with Leta Lindley on top with a final score of 14 under par. After the first round on Monday, Lindley and Moira Dunn-Bohls lead the pack tied at 7 under par. Ultimately it was Lindley who was able to pull away on the final day and take home the win. Dunn-Bohls stayed on par on Tuesday to take second and end with a score of 7 under par. It was an exhilarating tournament for all involved! The stakes were high at Cove Cay Golf Course as these golfing icons showcased all the qualities that make them a legend! Check out the final scores HERE and photos from the tournament below.


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