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Leta Lindley pulls ahead during the final day to win the Legends of the LPGA Cove Cay Invitational

The Legends of the LPGA Cove Cay Invitational wrapped on Tuesday in Clearwater, Florida, with Leta Lindley on top with a final score of 14 under par. After the first round on Monday, Lindley and Moira Dunn-Bohls lead the pack tied at 7 under par. Ultimately it was Lindley who was able to pull away on the final day and take home the win. Dunn-Bohls stayed on par on Tuesday to take second and end with a score of 7 under par. It was an exhilarating tournament for all involved! The stakes were high at Cove Cay Golf Course as these golfing icons showcased all the qualities that make them a legend! Check out the final scores HERE and photos from the tournament below.

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