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Little, Geddes trade Tour memories in fun-filled Facebook LIVE chat

Heads Up: The first 6 minutes is audio-challenged, but after that you can hear both of them very well!

15-time LPGA Tour champion and South Africa Golf Hall of Fame member Sally Little sits down in Cape Town to chat via Facebook LIVE with Legends Tour host and 11-time LPGA Tour champion Jane Geddes. Catch up with Little's latest charity initiatives and enjoy the friendly banter as she takes a walk down memory lane with Geddes, who beat her a Monday playoff for the 1986 U.S. Women's Open title. Little also shares the time she met Nelson Mandela in person, her struggles with adjusting to Tour life in America back in the day and a hilarious story about doing a commercial for dish detergent to help the LPGA.

Throwback Thursdays are LIVE every Thursday at 4pm ET on The Legends Tour Facebook page.


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