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NSW Open Trophy named for Jan Stephenson

Jan Stephenson OAM is ranked the 89th most recognized celebrity named Jan in history; she’s unquestionably the number one Jan in golf. With 27 professional tour wins worldwide and three major championship titles to her credit, this World Golf Hall of Fame member just added yet another accolade to her storied career.

Australia's Women’s NSW Open Championship trophy has been officially renamed The Jan Stephenson Trophy. The NSW Open is staged annually in New South Wales and was first played in 2006. Past champions include Laura Davies, Lydia Ko, Caroline Hedwall and Meghan MacLaren, to name a few.

“I was emotional when I was I told that the trophy was going to be named in my name, and I still am,” says Stephenson, a native Australian who was the LPGA Tour’s 1974 Rookie of the Year and went on to compete around the globe for nearly five decades. Most recently, she partnered with two-time LPGA Tour champion Laura Diaz to win the Legends of the LPGA’s BJs Charity Championship team event last fall. “This is one of the proudest moments in my golf career. It’s a huge honor, and I am grateful to Golf NSW for this recognition,” adds Stephenson.

Jan Stephenson shares a laugh with playing partner Laura Diaz after they won the 2021 BJ's Charity Championship, an LPGA Legends team event held annually in Sandwich, Mass.

Maybe having a trophy named after her is enough to nudge Stephenson up to 88th on the famous Jans list! Meanwhile, to help your game, here’s Jan Stephenson on how to generate more power off the tee.

Power Through

“Men can overcome a lot of mistakes because they have power,” points out Stephenson. “They have strong hands and fingers and good hand-eye coordination.”

According to Stephenson, the game of golf has evolved into one of power, and women need every advantage they can get to hit it farther and be stronger at impact. The right equipment can help, but routinely energizing what Stephenson refers to as your “fast twitch muscles” can also pay dividends around the course.

“Women's muscles deteriorate more quickly. Women stay stronger longer, but the ‘fast twitch’ muscles start to fade in their late 20's. Everything gets slower. This impacts swing speed.”

To awaken these muscles, Stephenson recommends:

Impact Drill: Set up an impact bag in your living room and swing a club into it as hard as you can a few times in a row. Keep your body still. Imagine swinging a broom stick like a golf club into a bean bag. Whack it hard! Take a break and then do it again. “I do it while I watch TV,” says Jan. “It’s good during the commercials.”

Standing Jumps: As a warm-up to your round, squat low to the ground and jump straight up, fully extended. Do it a few times in a row. Add this exercise to your regular workouts, too.

Flipped Driver Fast Swings: Before you tee off, flip your driver around and grip it just above the head. Make a few quick swings in rapid succession and feel the end of the club whip.

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