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Patty Sheehan cartwheels down memory lane on Throwback Thursday

35-time LPGA Tour champion and Hall of Famer Patty Sheehan tells *all* ... well, most of it in 30 minutes with her former Solheim Cup Assitant Captain and longtime LPGA peer Jane Geddes on this week's edition of Throwback Thursdays.

Find out why Sheehan once (actually thrice, though one was a round-off) turned cartwheels, her amazing comeback from an earthquake-destroyed house, what she remembers most about Kathy Whitworth at Solheim and what she thinks young players today should seriously consider doing in order to win a lot more.

Throwback Thursday interviews hosted by host Jane Geddes feature a brief check-in with the Legends guest and pose a "Back 9" of burning questions that inspire responses you may have never heard before... and likely never will again! Watch as Jane takes over The Legends Tour Facebook page LIVE and manages to connect in a split screen format with one of your favorite LPGA Legends every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 PM EST.

Next Week: Laura Davies


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