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Sweden's best "first" golfer shares fond (and funny) Tour, Solheim memories

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Liselotte Neumann is the first Swedish golfer, male or female, to win a major championship; she also made it her first win on the LPGA Tour. Neumann recalls winning the 1988 U.S. Women's Open, traveling with her Swedish cohorts in her early days of golf, her challenges with English when starting out on the LPGA Tour, meeting her lifelong caddie Mark, trading shots with Helen Alfredsson, representing Europe as a Solheim Cup player and later as the first captain to lead the Euros to victory on American soil and much more as she shares many fun and some never-before-told stories with host and 11-time LPGA Tour champion Jane Geddes. (Don't miss the story about the "low shoulders!") Known as one of the best putters of her era, Neumann also shares a great putting tip, how she hits her favorite wedge and meaningful practice advice for rookies on Tour.

Throwback Thursday interviews hosted by host Jane Geddes feature a brief check-in with the Legends guest and pose a "Back 9" of burning questions that inspire responses you may have never heard before... and likely never will again! Watch as Jane takes over The Legends Tour Facebook page LIVE and manages to connect in a split screen format with one of your favorite LPGA Legends every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 PM EST.

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